Boost your brand credibility and sales by getting your product featured in 50+ premium publications, GUARANTEED!

Increase your sales conversions & revenues by establishing social proof, credibility and awareness with guaranteeing features across premium international publications.

Money Back Guarrantee

Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to deliver coverage or publication of your news story or press release across our network of Global News Sites, we’ll refund you with no questions asked.

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As Featured On Apple News, Marketwatch, FOX, CBS & NBC to your website and marketing materials you will instantly provide social proof for your business and products and improve your sales conversion rate.

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The Power of Press.

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We’re experienced in launching brands across the world and have a deep understanding of both the challenges and critical success factors involved when launching and selling a new product.

Trust in your brand, products and services is essential when launching a new product, looking to increase product sales, or trying to secure investment.

Being featured in known news publications will instantly build your authority and credibility, giving potential customers and partners more trust in your brand and improving your sales conversions.

Securing press coverage for your brand to communicate your message can take a lot of time and money with no real guarantee of results.

The BH Press Solution guarantees to secure press coverage in over 50 publications, providing your products and brand social proof from established industry names and boosting your sales conversions.

Are You Ready To Boost Your Credibility, Conversions And Sales?

Why BH Press?

BH Press is a team of highly-seasoned product, marketing and technology experts who have built and launched multiple award-winning products and brands across the world.

Responsible for building awareness and driving sales for many reputable global brands, the team’s portfolio includes BassBuds, which was established as the most successful headphone brand from the UK, with an enviable rosta of celebrity endorsements and a market presence in over 40 countries.

It is through this experience developing our industry connections that we are able to offer such an impactful service with guaranteed results.

Some highlights of our work

The BH Group Has Worked With:


The short answer is; not much! We only need to know your proposed article topic, your website URL, and 1-2 quotes about your business for our expert team of skilled writers to take it from there and create an engaging article for publication. We send you a copy of the draft article for approval prior to publishing.

Of course you can, but if we’re being honest, it’s very hard and time consuming. You might be able to get your article to a news agency or outlet but the reality is it’s unlikely to get published in the press. The reason this will be hard is because news outlets usually only work with businesses who can provide a huge number  of articles every month. It will take you months to build that relationship and credit with them before even getting published. Or we can help you publish and test it within 4 days. 

You want to publish an article with an attention grabbing topic about your business. If you need any help, simply reach out to us for help. We have a great team of super skilled marketers that have experience in getting more eyeballs onto articles and to your website.  

1) The title of your press release should be minimum 6-8 words (excluding prepositions and articles).


Here the guidelines in writing the headline for reference:

– The headline must include the company’s name or the name of the spokesperson / author.  

– The headline can’t contain personal pronouns (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, You, Your, Them, Their, etc.). 

– The headline can’t contain an exclamation point.- The headline should be a minimum 6-8 words (excluding prepositions and articles)

– The headline can’t contain quotes.

– The headline should not sound like the headline of an advert. Discounts/pricing details and product specifications can be added in the Sub headline or article’s body.


2) The article can’t be written in the first or second person voice. First person (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, etc.) and second person (You, Your, etc.) voices are not considered newsworthy, except in quotations.

It’s very quick. Once you send back our simple questionnaire, we’ll write the article and can have it published in 4-10 business days.

Our publication partners will promote your press release on their affiliate sites. Whilst your news article is not published on their main websites (for example, as these pages are for international and national news articles of notable importance; it is published on their affiliate sites such as FOX 40, FOX 21 etc so you can use their logos on your homepage and landing pages. 

Sure, as long as it hasn’t been published yet we can make any changes to the article, revisions are also part of your package. 

Either Click Here to buy online now, or Contact Us if you want us to send you an invoice and you can pay in your preferred local currency, by credit card or local transfer. 

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